Budget Garden Office

The cost of buying a purpose built, garden office, was just not going to be possible, but he did have a largish [8 ft x 12 ft] garden shed, which was used as a dumping ground for old furniture, toys, garden tools etc. The question was; could it be converted into an office?
Cleaned out, it was not in bad shape, and so I agreed to do a conversion a bit at a time, to spread the cost.

Stage one

Put down a new floor, with 100mm insulation, to create a clean, warm floor.

Stage Two

Added a new (wrong size for a job, from a local firm) double glazed window. New timber frames were built inside, to take 100mm insulation ad to fit the window. The old windows were taken out, bits of wall removed and the new window installed. Then the whole side repaneled.

Nearly there. Beginning to look so much nicer. Next tasks will be to complete the insulation of the walls and then fit the new door.